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Vessel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coverage includes:

  • comprehensive casco coverage or
  • complete loss only.

Comprehensive casco coverage – insurance against all damages that can occur due to:

  1. a marine or a traffic accident (collision, impact, stranding, sinking, capsizing and other)
  2. storms (including lightning strikes)
  3. fire
  4. explosion
  5. burglary
  6. theft of the whole vessel
  7. breakage of the mast and/or yardarms
  8. tearing of mobile and immobile riggings
  9. ill-intentioned actions of third parties
  10. earthquakes
  11. volcanic eruption.

The vessel is also insured during its normal stay in the harbour or shipyard due to maintenance, servicing or repair work, including pulling out and putting the vessel in the sea in all the cases mentioned. The insurance covers the costs of pulling out and removing the vessel’s wreck or its parts.

The insurance policy can be taken out for twelve months.
The vessel is also insured during a charter and covers the liability for both, the owner and the users of the vessel.

To all the customers who take out a comprehensive vessel insurance for a vessel valued at more than EUR 6,700, a hull length of up to 24 m and registered for personal use, Allianz gifts an Allianz Nautic Card membership, making you a Sea Help user.

By calling the emergency telephone number or via radio, the Sea Help team will provide Allianz Nautic Card members with all necessary assistance at sea as fast as possible, including:

  • towing,
  • spare parts delivery,
  • engine start assistance,
  • fuel delivery,
  • removing the rope from the propeller,
  • weather forecast consulting and
  • many other benefits.

The Sea Help service operates in the area of the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia and in the area of the territorial sea of the Republic of Slovenia and in the northern part of the Adriatic territorial Sea of Italy.

In the event of an accident at sea, the Sea Hot 24h Hotline will be available to you 24 hours a day at +385 919 112 112.

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